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2021 Jun 29

Casualty Nick Jordan Episode Guide

I have now added series 24 to the Casualty Nick Jordan episode list it can be found Here. The complete list for Nick Jordan in Holby City is already on the site and that can be found Here.

2020 Apr 09

Holby City on Drama Channel

The Drama channel are still showing repeats of Holby City at 10am on weekday mornings. They’ve now reached the point in season 8 where Nick Jordan is set to return. Some of there episode numbers have been wrong but going on the episode titles his first episode back should be tomorrow.
They also recently aired part one of Michael’s Casualty@HolbyCity episodes if you missed it Drama currently have it on there catchup service it will be on there for another 21 days. Holby City on UKTV

2017 Jan 04

Media Archive Update – Casualty@Holby City

Nick Jordan edit from Casualty@Holby City – Deny Thy Father Part 1 added to the media archive.

8x11a00064 media archive > casualty@holbycity > part 1

2015 Sep 28

Casualty@HolbyCity screen captures

Screen captures from casualty@holbycity are now up in the gallery. gallery > holby city > series 8 > episode 11b – casualty@holbycity

2015 Sep 21

Holby City screen captures

Screen Captures from Holby City series 8 episode 11a, these are the Casualty@holbycity episodes. gallery > holby city > series 8 > episode 11