PICK OF THE BOX; A Kosher Glasgow Cop Tale

Daily Record – May 24, 2001

The Fabulous Bagel Boys

(BBC1, 9.00pm)

GLASGOW is the setting for this one-off offering from the Beeb.

Dennis Lawson, stepping out from the shadow of more famous nephew Ewan McGregor, is Morris Rose, a detective inspector in the Glasgow suburbs.

Rose’s family are Jewish and own a bakery, hence the jokey title.

His quiet life is disturbed by the arrival of Alexander Murchison, played by one-time EastEnders’ bad boy Michael French.

Alex is a detective sergeant on secondment from the Met and he’s hardly got settled into life in the Dear Green Place before a murder disturbs the peace.

The Fabulous Bagel Boys adopts the familiar formula so beloved of Hollywood movies – big city cop has to adjust to the ways of not-so-big city with the help of an older and wiser cop.

But it’s amusing and makes a refreshing change from Taggart. And if they get bored, residents of Glasgow can do some place-spotting.

It could well evolve into a series if this one-off episode is a hit.