2014 Aug 10

Born and Bred Gifs

Added a couple of Born and Bred gifs

Media > Gifs

2014 Aug 09

Eastenders Screen Captures 1st October

Added Eastenders screen Captures from 1st October

Eastenders > Screen Captures 2013-2014 > 1st October 2013

2014 Aug 06

Crime Traveller episode 3 screen captures

I’ve added Crime Traveller episode 3 Screen captures to the gallery.

Crime Traveller > Screen Captures > Episode 3

2014 Aug 03

Eastenders Screen Captures 30th September 2013

Added Screen captures to the gallery from Eastenders September 30th 2013.

Eastenders > Screen Captures 2013-2014 > 30th September 2013

2014 Jul 31

Battleships Fan Video

My first Darol fan video “Battleships” The ups and downs of Darol. Doesn’t include Davids last scenes due to me still been in denial about that.

2014 Jul 29

Welcome to Michael French Net

Welcome to the newest fansite for Michael French.
It looks a bit empty at the moment, but lots more to come, I hope you enjoy looking around.