2020 Jul 26

EastEnders Screen Captures

Replaced the EastEnders screen captures from 20th June 1994 with better quality.

2020 Jun 19

EastEnders Screen Captures

Replaced the EastEnders screen captures from 11th January 1994 with better quality.

2020 May 18

EastEnders on Drama Channel

The EastEnders repeats on the drama channel are now approaching the arrival of David Wicks. He appears very briefly in the 23rd December 1993 episode which looks like it will air on Tuesday. Before he officially arrives in the square on 11th January 1994 which should air on Friday. EastEnders on the Drama Channel airs weekdays at 1pm and 1.40 pm. If you miss it its also avalible on there catch up service UKTV.

Classic EastEnders on Drama Channel

Classic EastEnders on UKTV

2020 Apr 09

Holby City on Drama Channel

The Drama channel are still showing repeats of Holby City at 10am on weekday mornings. They’ve now reached the point in season 8 where Nick Jordan is set to return. Some of there episode numbers have been wrong but going on the episode titles his first episode back should be tomorrow.
They also recently aired part one of Michael’s Casualty@HolbyCity episodes if you missed it Drama currently have it on there catchup service it will be on there for another 21 days. Holby City on UKTV

2020 Mar 27

Casualty Nick Jordan Episode Guide

As we have a nick Jordan Holby City episode listing heres the start of the Casualty one, which currently goes up to the end of series 23. The others will be added soon. I’m also working on a David Wicks EastEnders listing.

Casualty Nick Jordan Episode Guide

2020 Feb 28


Added a rare high quality photoshoot to the gallery.

2020 Feb 19

The 35 Greatest EastEnders Characters Of All Time

Huffington Post have a list of there top 35 characters of all time for the EastEnders 35th Anniversary, with David Wicks ranking at number 31.

The Definitive Ranking Of The 35 Greatest EastEnders Characters Of All Time.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have graced Walford with their presence since 19 February 1985. But as we celebrate 35 years of Walford woe, which EastEnders characters have made the biggest impact?

Who have been the most memorable drama kings and queens over the years? Narrowing down this list was no mean feat, so please don’t give us any Argee Bhajee about not including Fat Elvis or Mr Papadopolous.

31. David Wicks

Car salesman David managed to combine two recurring ’Enders tropes – the rubbish parent and the disappointing son. But he did it with such charm and swagger that we can see why Cindy and Carol couldn’t resist him.