2014 Sep 17

Happy Birthday Michael

Happy 52nd Birthday Michael

2014 Sep 16

Inside Soap- Dominic Treadwell-Collins Interview

Michael mention in this weeks Inside Soap-

We were heartbroken by the departure of David Wicks. Was it always the plan for him to leave?
Actually, when I arrived, both David and Carol were going to leave in January 2014. But I wasn’t going to let those two get away! So we came up with the story about Carol’s breast cancer, and Lindsey Coulson agreed to stay for it. Michael French then said he’d stay for an extra six months too. You don’t have Lindsey in the cast and not use her to her full potential – that’d be stupid!

Inside Soap 20th-26th September 2014

2014 Sep 15

Dalziel and Pascoe

Dalziel and Pascoe screen captures added to the gallery from the episode ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time Part 2’

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2014 Sep 10

Dalziel and Pascoe

Added screen captures to the gallery from the Dalziel and Pascoe episode “Wrong Place, Wrong Time – part 1”

Other TV >Dalziel and Pascoe >Screen Captures – Wrong Place Wrong Time Part 1

2014 Sep 10

Magazin Scans

Added a selection of magazine scans to the gallery

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2014 Sep 08

Born and Bred screen captures series 2 episode 6

Screen captures added to the gallery from Born and Bred Series 2 episode 6

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2014 Sep 06

Casualty Screen Captures Series 27 episode 21

Added screen captures to the gallery from series 27 episode 21

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