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Michael is best known for the roles of David Wicks in EastEnders and Nick Jordan in Holby City and Casualty, other credits include portraying Tom Gilder in Born and Bred and Jeff Slade in Crime Traveller. His theatre credits include West Side Story, Les Miserables, Art, Sacred Heart, Chicago and The Sound of Music.

Wishing Michael a very Happy Birthday.

Who could come back to Casualty? 10 returns we’d love to see, from Nick Jordan to Ruth Winters

Comebacks are always hotly anticipated among fans, and with Casualty firing on all cylinders at the moment, we’ve been thinking about those characters who could, and really should, come back to the fold.

Granted, some of these are probably more plausible than others, but here are 10 faces we’d love to see back in the hustle and bustle of the ED…

1. Nick Jordan

Top of everyone’s comeback wish list has to be the one and only Nicky J. He was sensibly not killed off when actor Michael French decided to leave the show in 2012 (returning briefly in 2013), so the ED door is wide open for Jordan to reappear whenever he so wishes.

Jordan decided to swap Holby for the States five years ago after the death of his girlfriend Yvonne and his ardent fans have been missing him ever since. But given that his name does still pop up in conversation from time to time (he’s in Michigan, last we heard!), there have certainly been crazier ideas. However, with EastEnders viewers also longing for Michael to reprise his role as David Wicks too, who knows where he will be popping up next. The man is in high demand.


Throwback to Casualty series 24 episode 48 – aired on this day in 2010.

EastEnders David Wicks edit added to the media archive from 7th October 2013.

As promised more rare items have been added to the gallery with some Aladdin programme scans, this is one of Michael’s first professional shows from 1983.

Today michael-french.net is 4 years old. Thank you to everyone who visits the site and as always thanks to Michael for the inspiration. I hope you all like the new layouts.

Throwback to Casualty series 23 episode 46 – Aired on this day in 2009.

EastEnders David Wicks edit added to the media archive from 4th October 2013.

Throwback to Born and Bred series 2 episode 9 – Aired on this day in 2003.

Throwback to Casualty series 24 episode 40 – Aired on this day in 2010.