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2019 Jul 09

Theatre Archive

Still very much a work in progress but I’ve added a more detailed Theatre Archive to the site. If you have anything to add I’d love to hear from you.

2015 Jan 22

Sound of Music competition closed

The sound of music giveaway has now closed and I’ve emailed the winners. Sorry to those who didn’t win but look out for more site giveaways coming soon.


2015 Jan 21

Sound of Music programme scans

More scans from the sound of music programme have been added to the gallery.

2015 Jan 18

Sound of Music Flyers

Added scans from the Sound of Music flyers to the gallery.

2015 Jan 13

Sound of Music programme scans

Scans from the sound of music programmes have been added to the gallery. There are two different programmes one with rehearsal pictures the other performance pictures scans from both will be added to the gallery. The Sound of Music programme in the giveaway competition is one with performance pictures.

2015 Jan 09

Sound of Music Competition

I have one Sound of Music programme and a flyer up for grabs. To enter please fill in the comment box, type ‘sound of music giveaway’ followed by your name, email and twitter handle (optional). The comments for this will be kept private and not published on the site. The winner will be chosen completely at random and I will email you for your mailing address which will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances. The closing date is 22nd January. Good Luck:)


2015 Jan 03

Leading man Michael French pulls out of Sound of Music

Sorry to hear this and wishing Michael well.

The leading man in Leicester Curve’s Christmas show, The Sound of Music, has pulled out due to “personal reasons”.

The theatre has announced yesterday(FRI) that Eastenders actor Michael French had “withdrawn” from the show.

For all forthcoming performances his role of Captain von Trapp will be played by Mark Inscoe.

A spokeswoman for the theatre was unable to give any further details about Mr French’s reasons for leaving the show.

The Sound of Music runs until Saturday, January 17.